Thigh lift

If the skin on your thighs has lost its elasticity and you’re bothered by its excess, you can undergo a thigh lift. Causes for this condition frequently include a significant weight loss or advanced age. When combined with liposuction, you can get rid of the fat in the treated area. The effect is immediate and permanent. The patient must consult the physician and undergo a prior pre-operative examination. The surgeon makes an incision in the groin, and if necessary, continues with an additional incision along the inner thigh which results in a T-shaped scar. They remove any excess skin and hypodermis, lifting the sagging skin up. If required, the intervention can be combination with liposuction. Finally, the wound is stitched with dissolvable stitches and sterile bandages are applied. The day after the surgery, the physician removes drains and provides compression underwear.

Type of procedure

Hospitalised for 2 days




2–3 hours



Postoperative course

Until week 2
After week 2
Medical check-up
By week 2–3
Bruising and swelling healed
Until week 6
Wear compression underwear


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