Sweat elimination

No one enjoys sweating. Most often, we sweat in the armpits, on the palms, bottoms of our feet, and on the forehead. The most efficient method of eliminating sweating is to apply botulinum toxin directly into the sweat glands, therefore decreasing their activity. The effect is temporary and needs to be repeated after approximately 6 months. If the sweating is excessive in general, it may be a symptom of an illness and the patient should undergo a general medical examination. Botulinum toxin must not be injected during pregnancy and breastfeeding, or if the patient suffers from an acute viral or bacterial infection. It also can’t be applied to any areas which are affected by an acute infection. The treatment itself requires no special preparation. Usually, no anaesthetics are required. After the treated area is disinfected, the physician injects botulinum toxin into muscle endings, using very fine needles. The effect occurs after approximately 3–6 days.

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None / local


15–20 minutes


Without stitches

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