Implant replacement

Breast implants are not usually inserted for life – it is recommended to replace them approximately every 10 years, even if the implants themselves are fine. Other reasons for re-augmentation include dissatisfaction with the size, post-pregnancy sagging, weight changes, development of capsular contracture, rupture, etc. Replacement is nowhere near as challenging as the original augmentation. It’s performed under general anesthesia and therefore requires a pre-operative examination. During the surgery, the original implant is removed and replaced with a new one. The surgical incision is stitched to minimize scarring. Replacement sometimes also involves removing the so-called capsule, i.e. A fibrous tissue casing around the implant.. If this tissue is hard and compresses the implant, it means that a capsular contracture has occured, often resulting in breast hardening and its painful deformation. The risk of capsular contractures can be minimised by using micro-textured implants and placing them under the muscle.
Type of procedure

Hospitalised for 1-2 days




1–2 hours



Postoperative course

Week 1
Week 2
Medical check-up
Until week 6
Wear an elasticated brassiere
After week 6
Fully physically active


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