Hyaluronic acid injection for facial wrinkles

Hyaluronic acid is naturally present in the human body, though its amount decreases as a person ages. Its injections have an immediate effect and are used to fill deep wrinkles around the eyes, nose, upper lip, or in nasolabial folds. Acid fillers can also correct hollow spots, scars, lips, or contour cheek bones, chin, etc. The treatment can be combined with botulin toxin injections, even repeatedly. The effect lasts 6–12 months. First, the physician applies an anaesthetic cream to make the treatment as comfortable for you as possible. Then, hyaluronic acid is applied into the skin and hypodermis, using an injection needle or cannula. The intervention is very gentle and you can go home right after undergoing it. Do not press the treated area or massage it after having hyaluronic acid applied. After 12 hours, you can start wearing make-up. Forego any cosmetic treatments and facial massages for a week. Any reddening or bruising will heal within a few days.

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Without stitches

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