Gluteal augmentation and lift using the patient's own fat

Many women dream of having a well-shaped, large bottom while losing weight in another body part. For a patient to have her glutes augmented with their own fat, the require fat must first be sucked away from other parts, pre-selected by the physician. The removed fat is immediately processed which involves separating healthy, viable fat cells that will be inserted in the gluteal area.

The procedure requires tiny cannula punctures and no incisions, therefore leaving no visible scars. Furthermore, the Body-Jet device is very effective and gentle as it employs a stream of water and a fine cannula. Post-operative swelling and bruising is minimal and convalescence is relatively short. The effect is immediate and the procedure can be repeated after six months. It’s important to note that a part of the applied fat will be absorbed (approximately 30-50%). The patient must consult the physician and undergo a prior pre-operative examination.

Type of procedure

Hospitalised for 1 day




2-2,5 hours



Postoperative course

Until week 2
After week 2
Medical check-up
By week 2–3
Bruising and swelling healed
Until week 6
Wear compression underwear


from 3.815 EUR

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