Double chin liposuction

A double chin occurs when fatty tissue accumulates between the patient’s chin and neck. Liposuction removes this fat, making the neck appear slender and longer as well as accentuating the jaw line and the chin’s shape. The operation can be combined with a facelift or surgically correcting the neck’s deeper structures. Double chin liposuction is performed either under local, or general anaesthesia and takes approximately 30 minutes. Our clinic employs one of these two methods—vibration liposuction, or Body-Jet water-assisted liposuction. The patient must consult the physician in order to determine which method will be used, and undergo a prior pre-operative examination. The surgery is quick and the result noticeable after 2 weeks. A Body-Jet liposuction employs a thin cannula, injected by the physician beneath the ear lobes and chin through tiny punctures. The operator then injects a water stream into the hypodermis, releasing the contents of fat cells without disrupting the surrounding tissue, blood vessels, or nerves. The liquefied fat is then sucked away through the exact same cannula. The inlets are then closed with tiny stitches and sterile dressing applied, along with elastic bandages.

Type of procedure

Outpatient / hospitalised for 1 day


Local / general


30 minutes–1,5 hours



Postoperative course

After week 1
Medical check-up, remove stitches
Until week 2
After week 2
Remove compression bandages
In 2 weeks
Bruising and swelling healed


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