Breast augmentation with a breast lift

Breast augmentation with a breast lift means that the patient’s breasts are enlarged with implants, as well as lifted and made firmer. This intervention is suitable for women who have breastfed or lost a significant amount of weight. Your cleavage will once again be full, firm, and symmetrical. Appropriate size and type of implants will be determined by the physician during your consultation. The surgical procedure is determined by the degree of ptosis, amount of excess skin, and the mammary gland’s size. The implant may be inserted through an incision made around the areola, or in the armpit. The size of areolae can be reduced by making a small incision. Unlike standard augmentation, this intervention leaves slight post-operative scars, caused during the breast lift when a long incision must be made, going from the areola in the direction of the inframammary fold. However, proper post-operative care minimises visibility. Once the breast lift is complete, a post-augmentation regimen applies (wearing an elasticated brassiere, avoiding physical activities, and looking after the scars so that they soften as much as possible).

Type of procedure

Hospitalised for 1-2 days




3 hours



Postoperative course

Week 1
Week 2
Medical check-up
Until week 6
Wear an elasticated brassiere
After week 6
Fully physically active


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