Breast augmentation using the patient's own fat

Breast augmentation with the patient’s own fat offers a 2-in-1 benefit, as it removes fat from problem areas while enhancing the cleavage. Fatty tissue is extracted from selected areas and then placed into the breasts as a filler. The result is completely natural: you slim down in your problem areas while your breasts are augmented by up to one size. A key advantage of the procedure is the absence of scars. Prior to the surgery, consultation with a physician and a pre-operative examination are necessary. During the procedure, fat is first sucked away from the chosen area, then purified. The fat is then applied the above and below the mammary gland using a cannula and several small punctures. Any swelling and bruising caused by this type of breast augmentation heals quickly, mainly because the procedure leaves no scarring and the fat is easily accepted by the body as its natural part. However, the same post-augmentation regimen applies: rest, wearing an elasticated brassiere, and avoiding physical activities.
Type of procedure

Hospitalised for 1 day




2,5 hours



Postoperative course

Week 1-2
After week 2
Medical check-up
After week 2-3
Decreased bruising and swelling
Until week 6
Wear an elasticated brassiere
After week 6
Fully physically active


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